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Welcome to Division of Research

The Division of Research and Networking (DRN) is manages, coordinates and drives the development of new discovery and high impact research

In support of USM’s goals to promote excellence in research, DRN improves research management services in line with USM’s status as a Research University, as well as the sole APEX University in Malaysia.

Recognising medical and dental research as a valuable component of AMDI, This University is equipped with cutting edge technology and a conducive environment to carry out research.

The advanced research conducted here trains individuals to be pointers in their field and enables them to be key player in the economic development of the country

Assoc Prof. Dr Hasni Arsad
Deputy Director (Research and Networking)


Grant Management

Grant Management function for managing grant applications research and application ethics (human & animal)


JKP IPPT Meeting function for managing research Committee Meeting of IPPT (JKP IPPT) to certify an application research grant, financial aid, student research and discussion thing come about research issues

KPI Team

KPI responsible to manage and monitor IPPT Research KPI data and provide information on KPI data such MyRA data and Annual Report IPPT

Research Data

Managing information entry research data and Research Data in the RCMO record (e-RnD)

Training and Courses

Training/Courses Managed organised program / course involving research and so on

Financial Development

Purchase & Financial Development responsible to manage purchases / rental for research equipment for section under the Research and Networking Division


To develop a high (or TOP) performing Academic-Scientific Campus for medical research in the nation’s northern corridor by 2027.


To develop and pursue the highest level possible of achievement for the identified 8 domains that enables IPPT (and thus USM) to achieve this vision.