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Central Research Laboratory IPPT

Central Research Laboratory (CRL), also known as Makmal Penyelidikan Berpusat (MPB), was established in April 2014. The establishment of CRL aligns with the ambition of AMDI Management towards better research facility management in enhancing research activity.

CRL is headed by the Deputy Director of Research and Network and supported by the section head. The laboratories in CRL are managed by Science Officer as a laboratory manager and assisted by support staff (Assistant Science Officer and Medical Laboratory Technologist).

CRL consists of six functional laboratories, which are Biomaterial Laboratory (Synthesis and Plant), Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Cell Culture Laboratory, Molecular Biology Laboratory, Physiology and Nutrition Laboratory, Data Analysis Laboratory and Postgraduate & Multidiscipline Laboratory.


  1. To provide laboratory facilities and equipment to do research in IPPT
  2. To support students and researchers by providing training, advising and instructions to students and researchers by competent and committed staff
  3. To provide lab testing services towards the requirement ISO17025