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Physiology and Nutrition Lab

The Physiology and Nutrition Lab consists of four main laboratories, which are Climate Chamber, Biochemistry Laboratory, Nutrition Laboratory and Psychology Lab.

A climate chamber is an enclosure place used to test the effects of specified environmental conditions on an exercise subject. During the experimental trial, the temperature (-20°C to 50°C) and the chamber's relative humidity (30-90%) can be set to acclimate the athletes to cold or hot environments. This lab is also equipped with other instruments such as Laser Doppler, Gas Analyzer, Heavy Duty Treadmill, Ergometer Bicycle and Body Composition Analyzer to measure their performance.

We are conducting an interdisciplinary research setting in the following research area: Sport Science, Sports Genetic, Nutrition, Fitness, Psychological study, Community Health study and Spiritual Health study.

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Norjana Ismail
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